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Ms. Zimet's early childhood communication and development classes are the perfect venue for new and seasoned parents alike. Her level of commitment, dedication, professionalism, and organization shine through in her varied and relevant curriculum. I left her classes a better parent and physician.

Manoj Bobby Wunnava, MD

Our son is Asher. It became evident by the age of 18 months that he was not developing his communication skills to the extent we had seen in other kids including our daughter. By age two, he was becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to communicate and would often have tantrums. His pediatrician recommended formal testing which confirmed speech and oral motor developmental delay. He understood us perfectly, and knew exactly what he wanted to say, he was just unable to express things clearly. He had a limited vocabulary of mostly mono-syllabic words. We then began doing speech therapy with Lauren Zimet. We saw immediate results in his ability to communicate through the use of signing and pointing to pictures. He has since had dramatic improvement in his verbal repertoire. His vocabulary has expanded and he is putting more phrases and even a sentence together. He is much more confident and less frustrated. While these are the tangible benefits Lauren has brought, it is the intangible things that are perhaps more important. Lauren and Asher have an amazing rapport. He calls her his “La La” and is always thrilled to have sessions with her. She has developed very personal approaches to his therapy, it is obvious that she puts so much thought and care and energy to each individual child. She is able to get him to do things that we never could. He tries to speak and communicate more than ever. Lauren also emphasizes other aspects of his development including oral-motor training and nutrition. She has been amazingly helpful in getting him to try new foods. She is very knowledgeable about the neuro-developmental role of diet and nutrition and has helped us introduce some of these practices in our house with both of our children. Lauren has been a blessing to our family. Both professionally and personally she has enhanced our lives. We could not have hoped for a better therapist for Asher.

Asher's Parents

Dear Lauren, Thank you so much for the oral-motor and nutrition information you shared. It was very helpful to have you come to my home and point me in the right direction on the road to better health and wellness! I've heard about probiotics and the benefits of "good fat" but didn't realize that we could slowly implement it into our routine as you suggested. My husband is even open to trying something new since we aren't totally changing our whole pantry or refrigerator. It is true, that health is a process and it's never too late to start or make improvements. The oral motor exercises with the massagers are so fun for the kids. Not only is it helping with strengthening Zach's jaw for chewing, but since Rachel wants to do it too, we're doing lots of turn taking and having fun at (before) mealtimes, which is an added plus! I'll keep you posted on our progress. Glad you were in our area to do the consultation! Please let me know if you will be back in this area again - it was a great way for me to get so much information without having to leave the house!

Kelly Englewood, CO

Dear Lauren: As we’re approaching our one year anniversary since Paige has been in the Early Intervention program, I want to acknowledge with deep thanks your professionalism and many kindnesses to me during the year. It’s not everyone who has a speech therapist who is consistently cooperative, generous, and understanding not to mention well versed with nutrition and children so I feel that we’ve been blessed. Not only have I enjoyed working with you; Paige has grown very fond of you and her face lights up when I tell her you’re coming over. The thing I’ve most appreciated about you is your encouragement to me on ways I can work with Paige to increase her oral motor awareness and language skills. Your homework suggestions and activities for her brothers and me have been a valuable tool. I’m encouraged to see her steady progress. Your availability by phone and email for questions and concerns is immeasurable. Your concern and care about your patients shows in the little-and big-things you do. Thanks for everything.

Paige’s mom


Lauren's remarkable drive and energy fuel her deep passion for helping children and families get healthy and stay healthy. She is a powerhouse full of knowledge and resources, and is always seeking to give to others. The Healthy Foundations program that she heads up will be a benefit to anyone interested in promoting the healthy learning lives of children. I recommend her highly as a resource for parents and educators who want a deeper understanding of children's health and well-being.

Jessica Covington

The Healthy Foundations Program integrates so many valuable lessons for our children and their environment.

Deena Pargman

Mother of Sydney, Max and Manny

Lauren provided exceptional clinical service both as a speech language pathologist and as a clinician who modeled and taught my son about brain health, nutrition and social skills training. She invested a tremendous amount of time and effort helping him individually and also integrating the social skills and mindfulness training into the classroom with his peers. The Healthy Foundations program provided a service that was invaluable to my son, the school and our family. The Healthy Foundations Program should be in all schools, available to all children! I am impressed and inspired by Lauren Zimet's creative and experiential approaches with children.

Jennifer Linowes