Cure Your Child with Food, by Kelly Dorfman

Cure Your Child with Food is about the hidden connections between food and childhood ailments such as anxiety, recurrent ear infections, stomachaches,picky eating, rashes, ADHD and more.Originally published as 

What's Eating Your Child? and now with a new chapter on the unexpected connection between gluten and insatiable appetite, Cure Your Child with Food shows parents how to uncover the clues behind their children’s nutrition-based health issues and implement simple treatments—immediately.

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At two years of age, Tanner Geng of Warren was unable to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. ”He couldn’t purse his lips to blow. His face was very round and he was not expressive.” said his mother Lisa.For Lisa Geng and her husband, Glenn, it was a major tip off that something was definitely wrong with their second child who was born a very healthy baby.The Gengs recalled that at eleven months of age, Tanner developed two cases of roseola back to back with very high fevers. After the fevers, he lost the ability to say “da” for dad, as he had done before. He could still say “ma” but, could only say “mmm” for everything else.“Looking back there were signs before he turned two that he had problems. But compared to our older son Dakota who had severe respiratory and developmental...

Advance, September 2007 Mission to Moldova

Nestled between Romania and Ukraine lies the world's other boot-shaped country, Moldova. Independent since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the country has a 99.1 percent literacy rate and a sizable agricultural industry, yet it remains the poorest nation in Europe.1The health care system in the republic of Moldova is considered a Health Care System in Transition (HiT) by the European Observatory on Health Care Systems. The observancy collects and analyzes data to compose profiles of HiTs to "support policy-makers and analysts in the development of health care systems in Europe."2The health care in this country of 4 million is "not as structured as it is here," said Lauren Zimet, MS, CCC-SLP, who recently traveled to its capital, Chisüinaùu, on a humanitarian mission to help children with speech, language, feeding and swallowing problems. The mission was funded by the not-for-profit Jewish Healthcare International (JHI).The U.S. health care team that took part...

Parenting, October 2008 - Learn your baby’s body language

It could mean: She's having a swell time. When your baby spies something amazing -- like water pouring from the bathtub spout -- leg banging is her way of saying "Wow!"
How to respond: Share her enthusiasm: Kicking her legs helps her develop the muscles she needs to crawl. So if the neighbor's dog gets your baby kicking, arrange a puppy playdate. Along with any body language, experts say to always watch your baby's face: That'll help you sort out what she's thinking.
Or it could mean: She wants a little face time. Your baby probably figured out that banging her legs against the crib mattress not only makes a pleasingly loud thump, it also often attracts her favorite person: you.

The LCP Solution: The Remarkable Nutritional Treatment for ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia

This important new book documents a major breakthrough in the treatment of the three most widespread learning disabilities--ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia ("clumsy child syndrome"). Although these conditions have reached epidemic proportions, treatment has been limited to ineffective behavioral therapies or the controversial prescription drug Ritalin. Now Dr. B. Jacqueline Stordy, a leading researcher in the field, reveals a stunning new treatment based on a simple nutritional supplement: LCP (long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids). The LCP Solution is the first book to describe this new natural treatment and to explain how children (and adults) can incorporate it into their daily lives.

(Quoted, p 141 ‘Therapist Findings’)

365 Days of Baby Love by Sheila Ellison

Making Everyday Moments Magical

Each day with your baby brings new moments of caring, teaching, holding and growing through baby's first experiences. Filled with magical ways to create and enhance those special everyday moments, 365 Days of Baby Love will help you celebrate each once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you and your baby share. Illustrated by children.

(Lauren Zimet, Editor)

The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet

Every parent eagerly awaits the day his or her child will speak for the first time. For millions of mothers and fathers, however, anticipation turns to anxiety when those initial, all-important words are a long time coming. Many worried parents are reassured that their child is "just a late talker," but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Balanced with a mother's perspective and an acclaimed doctor's experience, this book gives parents advice on:
* Finding the right therapy and therapist 
* Negotiating with school boards, teachers, and language specialists 
* Speech exercises to do at home with a child.
The Late Talker is the first book of its kind, providing effective, practical answers to the questions every concerned parent asks.

(Credited in foreword)