Speaker Series

Our Speaker Series happens multiple times a year and addresses important issues that parents need to know, such as the link between the brain and nutrition, how a teenager's brain works, and the best way to encourage growth in a baby's brain.

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Past speakers include...

Kelly Dorfman

Kelly Dorfman is one of the world’s foremost experts on using nutrition therapeutically to improve brain function, energy and mood. The author of Cure Your Child With Food works collaboratively with other medical professionals to help people develop creative strategies to address complex ailments and symptoms. Click here to see more.

Brooke Jones

Dr. Brooke Jones is a Licensed Psychologist, who specializes in psychological evaluations and clinical therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. As an evaluator, Dr. Jones takes pride in offering comprehensive and thorough assessments, and considering all areas of functioning, including physical health and environmental/cultural issues that may mimic or underlie psychological disorders. Click here to see more.

Rodney Larson

Rodney Larson is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist. Rodney works with clients who are experiencing challenges with stress, depression, and/or anxiety, children and adolescents with special needs, and couples seeking quality communication and improved relationships. Click here to see more.

Deborah McNelis
Deborah McNelis is an early brain development specialist passionately empowering parents and professionals with critical information on human potential. McNelis' pioneering work to create clear understanding of the experiences children need and deserve is profiled regularly in a wide range of media platforms including radio shows, books and periodicals. Click here to see more.

Paul Nussbaum

Dr. Paul Nussbaum is board-certified in Clinical Psychology and Geropsychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology. He is the Founder and President of Brain Health Center, Inc. that integrates mind-body-spiritual wellness with clinical approaches for a holistic program to overall brain health. Click here to see more.